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Yes-Storage's transportation team provides transportation between customer's home and storage facility. The transportation hour is 10 AM to 10 PM, Monday to Saturday (except public holiday). Customer can arrange a pick up/delivery by phone or online. Please contact Yes-Storage to make an appointment at least 2 working days prior to the transportation date.

    • 1) Yes-Storage service is not applicable to outlying island districts (excluding Tung Chung).
    • 2) For remote areas like Tung Chung, Ma Wan or Discovery Bay, Yes-Storage will charge the bridge/tunnel toll.
    • 3) If there is no elevator at the delivery destination, Yes-Storage will charge a HK$100 service fee per floor (any stairway more than 5 stairs is considered as one floor).
    • 4) If customer requests the delivery out of service hours, please contact Customer Service Hotline. A special delivery charge will be applied, subject to the situation.
    • 5) Yes-Storage provides 8 free single-trip transportations for each Yes-Storage package per year.
      Extra Transportation Fee (based on each single Trip):
      first 5 storage boxes (or less) is HK$ 88 and HK$16 for each extra storage box.
      First time delivery of the empty box will not be deducted from the 8 free transportations.
    • 6) Arrangements for transportation service under Adverse Weather Conditions

      If Tropical Cyclone Signal No. 8 or above is in force during the following time, please note the arrangements as follows:
      09:00 – 11:59 Deliveries before 13:00 will be cancelled.
      12:00 - 14:59 Deliveries before 18:00 will be cancelled.
      After 15:00 All deliveries on the day will be cancelled.

      While a Black Rainstorm Warning Signal is in force, all deliveries originally scheduled within that period will be cancelled.

      Customer Service Representative of Yes-Storage will contact customers affected by the adverse weather to reschedule the transportation.
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